Statement Towards Fake Efest Batteries from FastTech and other Chinese Seller
2014-01-21    View:5133

To: All of the customers at abroad

From: Shenzhen Fest technology Co.Ltd ( Efest battery and charger manufacturer)

Date: January 21st,2014

Re: Statement towards fake Efest batteries in the market

We are hereby making this statement to protect all the benefits of all our customers that are supporting Efest company. We are trying to do all to prevent customers from being cheated by the fake Efest products sold from FastTech.all Efest products are only from Shenzhen Fest Technology Co.Ltd ( our business email are only from and ), Efest do not have any distributor in china, and we are not responsible for all unauthorized Efest products.

Fake Efest products on the FastTech are definitely just copies. FastTech and other Chinese sellers are not authorized to sell Efest products.

Our factory is original manufacture for Efest products with patent of them, Patent NO: ZC10103263ZC. All Efest products to Malaysia already sold with anti-fake sticker on each product from this January 10, 2014.

Please contact us with seller information if you get any fake Efest products, we will accuse these unauthorized sellers by the law.