Efest 6 Days Family Trip in Thailand
2015-10-09    View:3693

Thailand, is a smiling country of supreme faith, the kingdom with thousands of Buddhas and temples. Thailand, combined tradition and modernity, from perspective in the sky, not only beautiful and passionate, but also peaceful and harmonious, is one of the most famous tourist attraction in the world.

Efest sales teams (Shenzhen office )set out to this amazing place in July 2th - July 11th, and spent 8 days visiting a lot of fantastic places including the Grand Palace, the Golden Buddhist Temples (WATPHACHUMKONGKA), the Tropics Fruit Park, Golden Sands Island in Pattaya and so on.
The Grand Palace: The first day we visited the Grand Palace, which is the best, largest and most national characteristics palace in Thailand.  You can not only see the thousands of Buddhas, also the solemn, majestic momentum royal palace. Here is not just a place for sightseeing, it's more for the Royal to worship Buddha.
The Golden Buddhist Temples: It's renowned for enshrining and worshipping the world's largest gold Buddha---the Erawan Shrine. People believe in Buddism, because Buddha can tolerate everything. Buddha had given the hope of survial to the living, and people can pray for what they want, such as peace, health, wealth, marriage, etc. Not only that, the buddhist temples here will be free for the homeless, provide food and shelter, even teach them the way of survial, like teaching them variety different languages and cultures. Also, the Buddha freely send the dead to another pure land, so the local people treat death very calm and peaceful.
The Tropics Fruit Park: Except to taste various type of tropical fruits, also can experience elephant riding and crocodiles fishing, as well the tropical exoticism. Elephant is Thailand's mascot, and crocodile is one of the local treasure.
Golden Sands Island: Made famous by blue sea, whitecaps, siliver sand, sunshine, green trees, seafood and water activies. Here, we enjoyed the experience of speedy motorboat and flying air parachutes on the sea, and dive to the sea bottom to watch the magic coral, fish, seaweed and sea urchin.

Besides, we got some relaxation by 2 hours traditional Thai massage, tasted local precious specialty bird's nest & shark's fin,  visited the local richest man's private garden named Baan Sukhawadee, toured the local gems & gold museum, and the snake medicine research institue, also watched the unique Thai Shemale show. Experience the diversity of human nature, feel the freedom and equality of human rights.
During the whole trip, we helped each other because of different country culture, to make our sales tearm smile together. We are a big strong family that ready to face all the challenges and make Efest a better life tomorrow.