Why EFEST Charger Setup Activation of 0.6V Not 0V?
2016-12-01    View:2523

Some customers are keeping asking us why Efest did not setup 0V activation function but instead of 0.6V?

Here are the reasons that Efest insists on 0.6V activation of all Efest chargers.

1. 0V activation will keep working when the positive and negative short-circuits, it will lead explosion.
We have tested out the charger of 0.6V activation function is better than 0V activation charger, much safer, and protect your Lithium or Li-ion batteries’ cycle life. 

There is a big potential security risk to activate the zero voltage batteries, seriously can cause fire or explosion as the charger cannot distinguish between zero voltage and short-circuit battery, but Efest uses 0.6V activation to distinguish the difference to avoid dangerous accident.  


2. The circuit board of 0V function has fload charge voltage to make battery charging all the time, it leads battery less circle life.


 3. Not all the 0V voltage battery can be activated.

0V battery means battery short-circuit or of zero voltage. The chargers of 0V activation function in the market can activate only very few 0V batteries excluding the short-circuit batteries. For Lithium battery, it's already over-discharged when voltage is less than 2.8V, and the battery will become useless while reaches to 0V. Comparing with advantages and dis-advantages, it's a great loss of the capacity to activate this kind of 0V batteries, Efest chargers of 0.6V activation function is much better than 0V activation function chargers.

Efest only makes the best products to all customers, since quality is most important for both of Efest and you, thank you all to support our Efest always.