UK Vape Jam ( London )
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This is Efest second time to attend Vape Jam. As we expected, success meet our efest gain at the whole show. This

time Efest used the new experiential show stand, which has won a huge applause from the visitors. The new-styled

international booth was mainly shewn in the following aspects: Integral structure, innovative platform, clear charger

instruction and special product display etc. Also, it was widely accepted by most ofEefest customers for its'

convenience and profession.


During this vape show(5th April-7th April,2018) , which products were the most wanted by most customers? The shining

purple "EFEST" attracted many. That impressed us the most is the occasion of customers taking out their using battery

from mods, showing and telling us that the battery was used well by its stable current, cost-effective price and high

temperature resistance. It was concluded that Efest 18650 20700, 21700 battery have nearly occupied the vape market

a lot, according to our talking and witness upon the whole exhibition spot. It also found that our Efest Slim K series USB

battery chargers also were think highly by its function, appearance and price in UK market. Besides,there still have most

of customers like our Efest High-Tech Bluetooth functional charger.we sold out all the Blu6 charger in the first day.

Furthermore, People prefer to digital LUC series chargers that contained digital HD LCD screen with fast charge current

to charge battery, especially LUC V4 and LUC V6 charger.


While,in the first day, we forgot to take photos with customers due to we were really absorbed in the good feed-backs

from our old customers and the personal users at that time. Hope to take more photos with all of you next time. 


We appreciated much for our faithful customers sending their good Efest market feed-backs and suggestions to us. It

was so happy to received good feed-backs of Q series charger, which was selling so hot in UK market recently.

Someone said "many regular customers are drawn to Efest brand, battery, charger, accessory and so on. I am also the

forever fans of Efest, you see, power bank also come from efest". There was a peal of laughter after the big owner

expressed his faithfulto us. The great harvest we got was meeting our old customers and making acquaintance of new

followers in booth stand. Furthermore, we will make unremitting efforts and offer high-grade service to repay the old and

new customers. Let's look forward to next Canada and Germany expo in May.


                                                                                                                            ShenZhen Fest Technology Co.,ltd

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