Efest Sales Team-building-activity In Huizhou
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  The team-building-activity of Efest sales team, which was successfully carried out at Huizhou Nankunshan villa, lasted 

  for two days and one night on 19th May & 20th May, 2018. We were participated in this team building activity with 


team building

   In the first day, everybody gathered and got ready to set out from the company at 7: 30 a.m on time.

team building

  Around 3 hours' drive,  we finally arrived at the Nankunshan Grand Resort, which is located in the Nankunshan Bigui

  YuanAs it happened to be noon, we started to prepare hot pot lunch by groups as soon as we reached the gathering

  point. Under the arrangement of the team leader, every members work together in a well-organized way in group:

  washing vegetables, cooking rice, brushing pot, setting tableware,etc. We cooperated with each other and finished

  a all-inclusive of color and fragrance DIY hot pot lunch in a short time. 

team building hot pot

   After the delicious and hearty lunch, we contentedly began to enjoy variouse of interesting activities. Such as : poker, 

   mahjong, karaoke, water park, hot spring, dice game, the whole atmosphere cannot be more wonderful.

funny time

  In the second day, all of us meet in the living room and started to play the team-building- games. It was the most 

  exciting and important part of this activity, where everyone was eager to win for their own team with strong

  sense of collective honor. The games including stepping on balloon, grabbing stool, dribbling and comparing 

  size. The members of each groups showed wisdom and bravery in each game. 

funny game

   Thanks for the efforts they made to honor the team once again, and congratulations to the staffs who eventually 

   received the delicate gifts from Efest human resource department.


   The two-day team building activity, which clearly showed the friendship, solidarity and positive attitude of all Efest

   sales,  ended in the laughter of everybody. Just like the perfect performance we did in this team building games,

   hope all of us can take out the fighting spirit to make greater contributions to the company in the future work.

happy time

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