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Since the establishment of Efest, we have been adhering to the principle of "Integrity-based, customer first", which gradually won the recognition and affection from consumers, and has established good reputation worldwide. We feel extremely grateful and proud .


While, some counterfeit Efest batteries have been in spread in the UK and the Philippines market since August 2018. According to the survey, some of the physical and online shops (such as eBay) are selling highly-simulated Efest batteries at a lower price to Attract people, mixing the spurious with the genuine. These fake batteries are very similar in appearance to the original ones, and it is difficult to find the difference without careful comparison.


These fake batteries are provided by one of our warm-hearted users who got them from eBay in the UK, and he described: "Three fakes next to a genuine Efest. The caps protruded a bit more than genuine ones and the lettering was a higher Contrast white. Also slightly different font for the A in "CHINA" and slightly different purple. No white printed square on the base. Lastly no second ring around the battery below the top."

As the performance, cycling life and safety of those fake batteries can not be guaranteed at present, please think over before purchasing to protect your own benefit, and beware of counterfeiting.

Each battery from Efest has an unique verification code that can be identified by inputting it on the official website. Some stores even mix genuine and fake emissions together, once the customer finding out that some of the batteries they bought can't be verified, they Usually falsely claim this is due to some anomalies in Efest's verification site, and agree to return or replace the products to calm the doubts from customers.



To avoid unnecessary losses, there are something you should know:

1. Please make sure that you are visiting the credible Efest official verification sites:



2. All genuine Efest batteries are marked with an unique verification code, either in the new or in the previous version. Check this link for "How to identify the authenticity of Efest batteries?" :  



3. Original Efest batteries can be verified successfully on the official website without doubt , if the verification result shows "doesn't exist" or "has been verified" at the very first time, it is considered a counterfeit battery.

4. If you have any problem, please contact with us directly via [email protected] . Don't are in believe in the seller.

In order to help people purchase the real Efest batteries in the UK and Philippines more easily, there are some sellers are recommended as below: 


Vipertech Ltd:
Strexor LTD :

J AND THREE L Trading Limited:


Planet Vape:  

PS: Since Efest never retail directly, you might still take risk even purchase through these sellers . Please verify these batteries on the official website in time. If there is any abnormality about the seller, please report to [email protected]  at any time And we'll rule the sellers out of the recommendation listing if founding out that they turn to mix Efest real batteries with the fakes.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer for cooperation intention, please contact us through reliable ways such as the Efest official website, it is much more secure. We never authorized any other companies, please be aware of counterfeiting!

We have no idea whether fake batteries like these have been spread to other countries or not, please pay attention and verify your batteries in time to ensure that you are buying 100% of the original Efest battery. Let us resist fake and inferior products, maintain a good market order, and safeguard the interests of every consumer!



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